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Six (6) CO2 60 gr. cylinders - For USA & CANADA ONLY!

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This position includes six 60gr CO₂ cylinders which are sent directly from the company LeLand in the USA to you (not from ProVitaTec Switzerland). The transportation fee is already included in this price and will not be added by the shopping system. We offer you this position for your convenience. Please feel free to purchase CO₂ cylinders directly on any local store, see list.

With this 60 gr CO₂ cylinder we recommend a maximum diving depth of 30 meters (98 feet), which corresponds to 50% of the maximum buoyancy (7.5 kg of 15kg). See chapter Buoyancy for more information about buoyancy underwater and how the buoyancy decreases with more depth.

The CO₂ cylinder must be replaced after each inflation (automatic or manual inflation).

Please don't forget to purchase six actuators as well (3 double packs). Manual inflation by pulling the handle doesn't consume the actuator.

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  • The invoice currency is Swiss Franc (CHF).
  • VAT, GST and import duty are not included and will be charged directly by the shipping company (UPS or DHL).
  • Standard delivery time is about 2 weeks. Please contact us if you need it faster.
  • You can return the product up to 1 month after the purchase date and get full reimbursement in case you are not satisfied.
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