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  • Does the APP need an Internet connection?
    The APP is designed to work even in remote areas without Internet. Data transmission is based exclusively on light pulses. Even the login process (entering username and password) can be carried out without an internet connection.
  • Do I have to test the sensor as described in the manual?
    No. The test description is only intended to give you a better understanding of how the sens07vest works. The sens07 head is designed so that it can be fully tested (tried out) in a bucket of water without a CO2 cylinder and without an actuator.
  • Can I disable auto activation on water contact?
    The sens07 inflator immediately starts its auto-supervision of the user when water can be “sensed” by the inductive contact-free water sensors. When moving outside of the water, the sens07 inflator automatically goes into a power-saving mode consuming almost no energy. The sens07 inflator deliberately has no "power" button. It is always on so activation cannot be forgotten. However, it is possible to permit manual deactivation of the sens07 inflator. This option can be activated using the sens07 app if required by law (i.e. aircraft applications or special forces). However, we don't recommend to use this option and leave sens07 in automatic mode for ever. Please note that deactivating of the sen07 inflator doesn't save energy.
  • What does the "break time" exactly?
    A dive is completed when the diver is on the surface for at least the "break time". If the diver descends again before the "break time" has elapsed, then this dive is regarded as a continuation of the last dive and the dive time is continued and not reset. This mechanism prevents a diver from receiving the full dive time after a break that is too short or an accidental brief surfacing. This "break time" can only be cancelled by getting out of the water completely (sens07 inflator is out of the water for a few seconds). The sens07 button has no effect during the "break time".
  • Why can't I set depths below 30 metres?
    For technical reasons, it is currently not possible to accurately measure depths below 30 metres, which means that such depths cannot be specified. If deeper dives are planned, the depth measurement can be switched off. However, the vast majority of accidents occur in the final phase of the ascent, or even immediately after surfacing. The dive time is therefore much more important than the maximum dive depth. We are working on an update which, in addition to a greater diving depth, will also include further safety functions.
  • Why is the technology called “sens07”?
    The protective technology built in this new inflator device is continuously 'sensing', if the wearer of the sens07-equipped jacket is not in danger. So it's like a 'seventh sense' helping to protect the wearer from harm. This is why we called it "sens-o-seven".
  • How long does the product guarantee last?
    The sens07vest comes with a standard guarantee of 2 years.
  • Where can I put the neck lead weight?
    The back side of sens07vest offers a pocket with a zipper which can be used for the neck lead weight or other accessories.
  • Does sens07vest need maintainance?
    We recomment to maintain the sens07vest every 2 years by an authorised service point. The maintainance work covers: Check bladder for holes and damages. Verify mechanical abrasion of fabrics and stitches. Check proper function of buckels, straps, etc. Software update. Replacement of consumer components.
  • Can I use sens07 technology for other kinds of applications?
    The sens07 inflator expands the usability of conventional life jackets or other lifesaving or protective devices to a wide range of new applications on, in or under water. The sens07 app is equipped with a “developer mode” allowing business customers to program the sens07 inflator quickly to their special requirements which may go far beyond normal functionality of a sens07vest. As an example, the sens07 inflator may recover automonous measuring station or other material from the ground back to the water surface on a specific date / time (even months in advance - with a precision of seconds) or if a certain temperature is reached, etc. The possibilities are almost endless…
  • What is the best position of the smartphone for optical data transmission?
    Optical data transfer starts about 5 seconds after pressing "Start transfer" on the APP. During this time, the upper part of the smartphone display should be placed on the head of the sens07 inflator and remain there until the transfer is complete. It is best if the display touches the sens07 inflator. This also shields it from ambient light. The transmission can take place indoors or outdoors. However, direct sunlight should be avoided during transmission.
  • How do you handle the soft cap?
    The soft cap is never removed from the sens07 inflator and is therefore always attached. Otherwise there is a great risk of losing a small connecting part. The sens07inflator with soft cap can be easily inserted into the frame of the sens07vest and removed again.
  • What is the function of the sens07 button?
    The button has 3 different functions Pressing the sens07 button outside of the water initiates a self-test which checks the battery, sensors, actor module & microprocessor. Holding the sens07 button for 2 seconds switches between 3 already uploaded user profiles without using the sens07 app. Upcoming inflation can be delayed by pressing the sens07 button underwater, notifying sens07 that the user is in control of an extraordinary situation. This feature can be enabled/disabled and configured via the sens07 app.
  • What is the purpose of the crotch strap?
    The inflated sens07vest pulls the diver to the surface with approx. 15kg (approx. 150 Newton). It is therefore very important that the sens07vest is correctly attached to the body. Without a crotch strap, the sens07vest could slide up over the head, which can be very dangerous.
  • How tight should the chest straps be?
    The chest straps should be tightened moderately so that they do not impede breathing. When diving, the chest circumference tends to decrease due to the compressed lungs. Thanks to the crotch strap, the sens07vest remains in the correct position. It is therefore not necessary (or even dangerous) to tighten the chest strap unusually tightly due to the reduced chest circumference.
  • How heavy is the sens07vest?
    The sens07vest weights 1.2kg. In water the sens07vest is fairly balanced and doesn't produce significant down- or upforce.
  • What is the maximal depth?
    The maximal operational depth of the sens07vest is 30m resp. 50m, depending on the used CO2 cylinder. Diving deeper is dangerous because the sens07vest can't provide enough buoyancy to bring a diver back to the surface. However, each sens07vest is tested up to 80m during production.
  • What are the consumable components?
    After inflation you must replace the following components: Special sens07 actuator module Standard CO2 cylinder Both components are provided by ProVitaTec. You may purchase the CO2 cylinders locally if conveniente for you.
  • Easy replacement of actuator and CO2 cylinder
    Re-arming the sens07vest after inflation is easy. The replacement of the actuator and CO2 cylinder does not require any tools. After replacement, a green light confirms the correct insertion of the new activator.
  • What force should be used to screw in the CO2 cylinder?
    The cylinder should be screwed in with normal force so that it does not fall out on its own and can also be unscrewed again later without any problems. How hard the cylinder is screwed in has no influence on its function. The cylinder is opened by a steel needle, which is punched into the cylinder with great force.
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