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We recommend servicing the sens07 inflator every 2 years.

During this maintenance, the following works are performed:

  • Replacement of the special battery.

  • Replacement of the housing seals.

  • Replacement of the golden actuator contacts.
    (depending on the number of dives and the water quality, the contacts for the actuator may show signs of corrosion despite the gold coating, so they are replaced proactively). 

  • Software update.

  • Pressure test up to 80 meters diving depth.

How to proceed:

  • Please send us your sens07 inflator by mail to the address below.
    (Inflator only, no vest, no actuator, no CO2 cylinder)

  • Please go to the shop and purchase the "Two-year inflator maintenance".

  • We will send you back the serviced inflator within one week.


We offer a flat maintenance fee of CHF 90.00 which includes:

  • Working hours and material (special batterie, sealing, golden contacts, ...).

  • Shipping fee worldwide.

  • 2 additional actuators as a replacement.

Shipping address:

ProVitaTec AG

Emil Staub Strasse 5

8708 Maennedorf


Please declare the shipment without value or as a present. No registered mail or express is needed.

sens07 maintenance.png
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