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sens07vest automatic 60gr.

for Spearfisher & Freediver
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Product Details

The sens07vest automatic is a fully automatic and electronic emergency floating device designed to get freedivers and spearfishers back to the surface in case the diver is too long or too deep underwater - or if a shallow water blackout is detected. The sens07vest turns an unconscious person on his back to keep his airways clear.

This sens07vest is compatible with all CO₂ cylinder sizes. However, it is shipped with a 60gr. CO₂ cylinder.


- 2 years on the product
- 5 years on the battery

Package content:
- The sens07vest
- Installed 60gr, CO₂ cylinder and actuator module
- A solid bag to store the product
- Printed manual
- The sens07 app (free download from the web)
- Optional spare part (1 CO₂ cylinder & 1 actuator)

TARES customs tariff number: 6307.2090

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